Thursday, June 20, 2013

A housegirl's death

We don't have a housegirl here. Whenever I invite guests, I miss a housegirl in Uganda because I get busy.   While my husband was alone in Uganda before I joined, a housegirl suddenly died.  One day she looked ill. So my husband gave some money and told her to go to see the doctor.On that day she died in the hospital The cause was probably a toxoplasma. She was thirty three, and had a child,6-year-old boy. They had lived in the servant quarter of my house. Her aunt came to take the boy and began to bring him up. When we left Uganda, we sent some money to the aunt for the boy. Later we heard that the aunt-looking 50's-had already died.  It was a sad story.

 Elsa's seat in the dining room.

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