Sunday, April 28, 2013


Elsa began to play with Michael after about one month he came to us. I was relieved to see it. She often wants to lick him and it makes him feel ticklish.  There were many rats and mice around my house. Cobras come into my garden to catch and eat them. Thanks to my two kittens, ( they sleep in the kitchen during the night) rats didn't enter the house. But I ordered the gardener to throw some medicine against snakes .I don't know it exactly but local people use it to let snakes escape.

Blue eyes

When Michael came to us, his eyes were blue. His whiskers were broken.  The vet said he was about three weeks old at that time. Two months later his eyes turned yellow gold. The housegirl explained to me it was the evidence that Michael has got enough nutrition. But there are healthy cats with blue eyes ,aren't there?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Angry Elsa

Elsa didn't welcome Michael. She couldn't accept the situation that the newcomer uses her toilet without asking her permission or he draws everyone's attention.It took several weeks for her to open up to him. On the Michael's side, he was not afraid of Elsa.His behavior was very natural.

Friday, April 26, 2013


About a week later ,I was sure that he will survive. So I took him to the vet to checkup and to give him an injection. The vet told me the kitten was a male. In those days  we were leaving Uganda for Vienna 2 months later. I searched a german name for him,-Sebastian ,Gabriel,Karl...After all  we decided to call him Michael. Welcome Michael!

A newcomer

For two nights I heard a cat cry . It was in the middle of the silent night. At the first night, the voice was loud with some tension. At the second night it was not powerful. I asked my husband and the guard next morning if they heard cat's voice. Both of them said "No".
After several hours another guard found a baby kitten just outside the gate of my house. The cause of the voice at midnight was in the guard's hand. I decided to take care of him. He is almost going to die, but wow he could eat and drink!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Elsa on the desk

Elsa likes to disturb me. Especially when I am doing deskwork-sewing,writing,reading,,,She is good at picking marking pins from cloth  I am sewing.

Dogs in Uganda

We also had two dogs during the stay in Kampala. They were good friends. Our   guards,driver,gardener,housegirl were all kind to them.They took care of them. I used Pedigree as their food ,not dog food made in Uganda because they prefered it. But Pedigree was much more expensive than food for human beings like rice,potatoes,meat,etc. When we left Uganda we couldn't take the dogs . We asked the landlord to keep them and he consented. I sometimes remember them and worry about whether they are still alive.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Elsa at the window

Elsa is a friendly girl. She can stay at my friend's while we take a trip. But her hoarce
  voice is really disappointing , not matching her cute appearance.

A bird

One day  I saw a bird from the window of the bedroom upstairs. Is it a kind of pigeon or a crow?
It sings in a different way I have ever heard. Ugandan people have amazingly good sight.
When we see very small birds flying far from here, they can say what colors dot the birds have at their necks.For me with thick glasses it's impossible.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

About Elsa

I named the pussy Elsa after the novel "Born Nature"-the lioness. I was very impressed by the story when I was young.And when the time we have to leave Uganda comes, and if this pussy cannot be allowed to go with us, I thought our case will be a little similar to this story.
This is the reason I named her Elsa.
She was active, curious, naughty,and very sweet.

African life

I had been in Kampala,Uganda for 9 months.I joined my husband.He had been there since 2008.A life in Uganda was exciting and comfortable for me,I felt even a sense of closeness about the simple lifestyle.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Elsa has come

July 2010 Elsa came to me.
The housegirl said to me, "A man is visiting us to sell a pussy.Do you want to see, Madam?"And after meeting the pussy I decided to buy her.It cost 20000 Uganda shilling(about  10dollars).
But I didn't see the seller.I thought it was my housegirl's plan. Anyway,welcom to my house ,Elsa!