Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ugandan dress in Vienna

 Two years have passed since we came from Uganda. Architecture, music,art, theater, fashion, life style in Vienna are all fascinating. It is ranked "the best city to live" by an U.S. company's research. I often see a senior noble  lady who is well dressed and whose hair also well dressed and wearing high heels especially in a  concert hall .People in the restaurant or at the mass in church are also well dressed.
 I enjoyed ordering dresses at the dressmaker's shop when I was in Uganda. Ugandan women also have a good fashion sense.They have good quality cotton cloth.Patterns and colors are very interesting. I promised the dressmaker to wear the dresses I got there in Vienna. I wore them to the opera or to the garden party.I thought the dresses were well accepted.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Michael likes to be on my husband's knee. Elsa doesn't. Only  Michael   comes near and cries in a sugary voice. When my husband holds him, he looks rapt and purrs.  They love each other.

Another death

Just after the former housegirl died,her sister came to our house and told my husband to take over her sister's job.  She had five children and she had her own house .But she lived in the servant quarter alone and used to go back to her house on weekends. One day her husband suddenly died.  She said ,"He was killed with poison by his colleagues because of envy.But I can't report to the police because I'm afraid of retaliation."  I was really surprised.  There is no country which has no crime. In Ugandan case I heard that the most murders are poisoning.  While she was in a deep sorrow,I also felt sorry for her.  Maybe the readers will be shocked to read this. But I 'd like to
share my experiences in Uganda. This was a terrible, real story.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A housegirl's death

We don't have a housegirl here. Whenever I invite guests, I miss a housegirl in Uganda because I get busy.   While my husband was alone in Uganda before I joined, a housegirl suddenly died.  One day she looked ill. So my husband gave some money and told her to go to see the doctor.On that day she died in the hospital The cause was probably a toxoplasma. She was thirty three, and had a child,6-year-old boy. They had lived in the servant quarter of my house. Her aunt came to take the boy and began to bring him up. When we left Uganda, we sent some money to the aunt for the boy. Later we heard that the aunt-looking 50's-had already died.  It was a sad story.

 Elsa's seat in the dining room.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Michael's turn

Michael became adult.  He got an operation for castration by the same vet as Elsa's.  The vet told me to prepare the special toilet made of kleenex or newspaper and make him use it for a week. He was forbidden from touching the sand.  It was impossible.  Elsa uses the usual toilet. Michael couldn't realize that the box full of paper balls was a special toilet for him. I worried about infection but  luckily nothing happened.

Friday, June 7, 2013


Elsa got an operation to prevent produce (conception). Michael was too young to get the operation.He had to wait until he grew up more.  The vet is a beartiful  and tender woman ,looking thirties (please compare with the blog :At the animal hospital , written in May). Nothing surprised me this time at the vet's. Elsa stayed one night in the hospital and came back, wearing an elizabeth to prevent her from licking the wound.
Good girl,Elsa!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

An apartment

We found a wonderful apartment to live at last.  This is the architecture of the last Renaissance period.  It has a lovely courtyard. Many tourists come to see it. You might have seen my apartment when you visited Vienna. It is located in the center of Vienna near Stefansdom. So many tourists are walking around here. I myself- my feeling like a tourist is not removed yet. The whole city is worth seeing.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A nap

This is the last scene they took a nap together with me.  Then Michael was still small. Elsa had treated Michael with affection. But after Michael grew up, their relationship changed a little-something equal. When Elsa sleeps beside me in the bed, she doesn't let Michael come in. And when Michael is on my bed  she sleeps on the chair. Elsa is slightly difficult.